Teeth Whitening
in Rohnert Park, CA

Whether you have discolored teeth due to aging or consuming coffee, tea, or other substances that stain your teeth, you’ve probably attempted to whiten them yourself. While options like over-the-counter whitening strips or brightening toothpaste seem enticing, they don’t produce results like professional teeth whitening. Fortunately, at Blue Apple Dental Group, we offer quality take-home and one-visit teeth whitening solutions. If you’re looking for a brighter smile, we encourage you to explore our professional teeth whitening options in Rohnert Park, CA!

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Am I a good candidate for dental whitening?

Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, it is inevitable that some yellowing or discoloration will occur. However, determining your candidacy for the dental whitening procedure will depend on your oral health and goals. Generally, a good candidate for dental whitening does not have extensive dental work and good oral health. At your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Lieu, he will assess any underlying issues and discuss the best options, like custom tray teeth whitening or one-visit teeth whitening, based on your unique situation.

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How does one-visit teeth whitening work?

One-visit teeth whitening, also known as in-office whitening, is a quick and effective way to transform your smile. During the whitening procedure, Dr. Lieu will isolate your gums and lips to protect them. Then, a high-concentration whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Usually, a special light or laser is used to activate the gel, enhancing its whitening effects. After about an hour, the gel is removed,revealing a brighter smile!

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What are the benefits of take-home whitening trays?

If your teeth are not severely stained or you prefer custom tray teeth whitening to whiten your smile in the comfort of your home, our office is happy to create a set for you. Take-home whitening trays provide a convenient and flexible way to whiten your teeth at your own pace, allowing you to control the intensity and duration of the treatment. These custom-fitted trays also ensure even whitening and minimize gel contact with gums, reducing sensitivity. Or, you can use custom tray teeth whitening for touch-ups, helping maintain a long-lasting, bright smile while fitting into your daily routine.

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